Entry #1


2007-07-20 00:02:40 by Naitzmic

Be Back Soon - - -


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2007-07-20 05:01:24

Cool link!
Thanks a lot for that. I never submitted music on newgrounds, but I know that compression issue from pictures. Nice to have a source with better quality now. :3

Naitzmic responds:

Heh, didn't realize you could respond to these...

Anyways, no problem.
Glad I could be of assistance.


2007-08-10 22:59:48

you should post your mastered stuff...
at least 1 or 2 songs because you wont
get what you deserve with this stuff :ppp <3

Naitzmic responds:

Brilliant idea.
Then where would I make money?

...and you're only making this comment
so that everyone will understand that
you know me in real life.

I see right through you, woman! =P


2008-02-02 10:57:10

Chris, I am so glad you are still around and making music. You know I love your music and have featured your songs in many of my films. Dreams or Something Like it - Is my favorite.

Naitzmic responds:

Thanks, dude.
I appreciate your support.
Didn't know you had used any more of mu music in your movies though.
I'd love to see them!


2008-03-31 20:36:54

I'm glad that there is an Audio Portal here on NG. Free music from great artists!

Naitzmic responds:

Yes, the Audio Portal is great!


2008-07-17 12:59:37

I'm one of your biggest fan and you know I will vote 5 for each of them! If this your crappy songs, I wonder how's your good stuff :P

Naitzmic responds:

I appreciate your support, man.
It means a lot to me.